Longest Active Home Winning Streaks

Liberty got lit up today at home by Louisiana, but Clemson and Cincinnati were able to get convincing wins against pretty good opponents. It looks like we’re in 4th right now.

  1. Clemson 34
  2. Cincinnati 26
  3. Oregon 18
  4. Miami 14
  5. Alabama 13
  6. Georgia 12
  7. Oklahoma 10
    8-tie. Wake Forest 9
    8-tie. NC State 9
    8-tie. UTSA 9
    11-tie. Ole Miss 8 (will be 9 when they beat Vandy tonight)
    11-tie. Kent St 8

Kent’s last home loss was when we beat them back in 2019.


Given that our home OOC opponent next season is Robert Morris it looks like we’ll carry it to 15 into MAC play.


Just looked at next year’s home OOC schedules for the teams above and just below us. Clemson/Alabama/Georgia/Oklahoma won’t have a problem blowing through theirs, any losses for them (if any) will come in conference play. UC hosts Indiana, which is more of a challenge then the likes of Mercer but they’ll probably pull through. Oregon has BYU so that’s the biggest threat any of them will likely face.

Assuming UC beats Houston this weekend.

I wonder if the Paul Brown game will count

True about UC vs. Houston. And I don’t think our “home” PBS game should count, and even if it does we can tell ourselves we still have a long Yager winning streak intact.

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Exactly. That’s an easy spin if even it is technically a “home” game for scheduling purposes.

PB is a classic Neutral Site game. We’re only home in that we get to wear red jerseys and our band plays second.

I’m not sure if the game this weekend will count for purposes of the streak. I think I’ll count it if we win, but ignore it if we lose.

Oregon plays BYU at home this weekend, so we could potentially move up to 3.


Count wins, ignore losses. It’s the ultimate strategy!


I am pretty sure the answer is no. It would be regarded as a neutral field game.


So - is our streak over from an “official” standpoint? Where is the official site of record for the streak tally? Hoping our loss at Paycor won’t count as a “home loss”……

Jeff - I think it counts as a neutral site. Being the home team meant we wore our red and our band played second. By the way. I do think our uniform combinations have been stellar for each of the first three games. I was happy to see red yesterday instead of OSU grey.

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I really liked the uniforms. We need to own Miami colors, not tOSU.

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If I recall correctly, the grey uniforms (holdovers from the previous edition with the striped shoulders) were retired and we gave them away to our 2021 players after the Frisco Bowl.

Yesterday does not count as a true home game, and it shouldn’t. TBD if it’ll last through this season, looking at our remaining schedule in Oxford (Kent, WMU, OU, Ball State) there aren’t any layups or world-beaters.


Saw Clemson take a big deficit against Syracuse with Oregon still having to play top 10 UCLA and thought we had a good chance of moving up the rankings today.