Let’s write Chuck’s postgame

Annoying noise and OU band noise overwhelming & drowning out audio. Chuck pops on with his Zoom app on his iPhone 7+ from the janitors closet deep in the bowels of Peden stadium. Let’s begin, one sentence at a time.

“Awe, gee, yeah, you know.

The game went exactly as we thought it would.

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They just outplayed us. I did not prepare the team. I’m sorry.
It won’t happen again or I will step down. Don’t fire me yet.

Sure as hell didn’t go as I thought it would. Chuck’s one saving grace has been that he’s been pretty good at beating bad teams. Losing a rivalry game to a 1-7 team that got beat by Duquesne is utterly inexcusable.


Can’t beat OOC FBS, UC, OU, …. oh too many letters to remember.

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We practiced all this.

I don’t know why the kids didn’t play well.

We’re young, we ask these kids to step into this stadium in this environment with the crazy chanting fans, it’s after sunset, and then run into that kind of physicality, heck we did a good job to not get banged up worse than we did.

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They don’t hand out the trophy until the end of the year by that time the stupid fans will have forgot this game. OU has such a rich history that it’s an honor just to play in this stadium.

Its very hard for a MAC team to win on the road in Maction

I can’t tell if this is satire.



"Obviously all MAC games are close. Obviously, we executed well, but they are an outstanding team. Obviously, their QB is the best in MAC. Obviously it was a great game offensively. Obviously "

I Listened to Chucks rambling roaming iPhone 7se phone video postgame. That beaming in from the boiler room effort is lazy on his part. That he does not have five minutes to sit still and gather coherent thoughts for the fan base is insulting. I wish I would have heard,’This one is on me.’ He would be better off dropping the iPhone 7se segment and just either calling or waiting for when he has 5 minutes to invest.

He should just say the same thing a major corporation says when they royally screw up. Like when there’s a massive oil leak and the poor spokesperson gets up to the mic, they say: “Mistakes were made. We are doing a fact finding investigation into the matter. There will be consequences. No stone will be left unturned. We are as upset as you are. We need to better understand how this happened. No questions? Good day.” (Runs out as the questions are flying fast and furious.)


The whole thing is pitiful. At least, at the very least, have a zoom call with a Miami background. But it is not only CM. The same is true for the announcers. There is background music going on during the call. The whole thing is embarrassing.

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I assume this is a covid/budget cut thing. In years past Martin would do an impromptu on the away games that would be properly recorded with media.

I wish they would dump the video part and just have one of the radio guys go down an interview him