Late Game Peformance

It always seems to be the same point in the second half where we start having issues.

WIU goes on a 17-5 run from 7:19 to 4:10 to expand a 5 point lead into a 17 point lead.

vs UC
UC goes on a 14-4 run from 8:14 to 2:38 to turn a 6 point deficit into a 4 point lead.

@ Indiana St
Indiana St goes on a 10-0 run from 7:59 to 4:30 to turn an 8 point deficit into a 2 point lead.

@ Clemson
Clemson goes on a 28-7 run from 10:46 to 4:21 to turn an 8 point deficit into a 13 point lead.

vs Bellarmine
Bellarmine goes on a 10-2 run from 9:57 to 7:01 to a tie game into an 8 point lead.



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Apparently, Miami is an easy team to figure out…they do the same things all the time (highly predictable) while Miami’s opponents change up their strategies (makes adjustments) knowing that we won’t…if that makes any sense.

Had a feeling it might be something like that, but figured it would be too difficult to come up with the exact information. Boy was I wrong, I guess. Insightful indeed. The question now is why is it happening. Lack of in-game adjustments?


Now the questions are why does this continue to happen, and what can we do to fix it?


I can’t say anything about the WIU game because I didn’t see it.

In the other 4, offensively it’s the same thing: too much dribbling, not enough ball movement, poor shot selection. Then defensively, we’re not good, simple as that.

Coaching: poor scouting and a lack of adjustments against Indiana St. and Bellarmine, much more of the latter against UC. I thought the scouting was good for UC and Clemson. Clemson played like they were capable of playing and we panicked.

One could also argue about how little our bench contributes. It’s up to our main 5 to get it done because our bench doesn’t give us much.


Does Miami scout opponents?
Does Miami make half-time or in-game adjustments?
Is there any passion to get better?

Someone, with more first-hand knowledge than me, ought to know. I’ve given up…several years ago. Posting is my “hair shirt” agreement with God about hope.


Thanks for this thread. Those numbers really do tell a story.

Yep, always somewhere in the middle 1/3 of the 2nd half we;

  1. stop playing defense
  2. take ill-advised shots early in the possession
  3. commit turnovers on consecutive or multiple possessions
  4. and generally have a “deer in the headlights” look

These things should not be characteristic of a veteran/experienced team.

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Yep, surprisingly no on on the bench seems to recognize any of these symptoms let alone have a cure for the illness.

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Miami BB has become unwatchable…so I simply cannot watch the games anymore.

Former holder of 6 season BB tickets…over the years, 6 went to 4, 4 went to 2, and 2 went to 0.

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I’m surprised that so many of you are surprised by the performance of this team. We’ve seen this staff for 4+ years and most of these players for 3-4 years. What in their performance leading up to this season made you think things would be different?


Contrary to some who were excited about all the experience we had coming back, I was thinking “oh no, not these guys and coaches again”. Harsh, yep. Justified, I believe so.


I think you are right but when we beat GT and followed up with huge point differential home wins then I got excited

However I got pretty nervous when we lost to WIU. It seemed like a game that a good team would win.

The UC game was a ton of fun to watch but the reality was that was a game good teams win.

And since then it has been the same old crap- this group always finds a wat to lose


@JiveHawk may have some additional insights here in regards to our late game meltdowns

Today Bowling Green went on a 19-4 run from 13:31 to 7:34 to turn an 11 point deficit into a 4 point lead.

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Sweet…there’s a call on line 1, Jack O…you there?

Part of the issue as well, is a lack of commitment to developing a post game. Granted, other than Ayah, our post play is limited, Eli is worse than worthless. But even with our limited size, we could still work the ball for some easier shots. Best we have at that seems to be Lairy to Ayah. Beyond that, we just don’t seem to care about the inside game. And that lies with the coaching staff. Or make better decisions. Perfect example was Grant to Lairy in the corner late in the game, when there were 2 BG defenders on him. Lairy had zero chance of doing anything there except turning the ball over. And in the second half, defense becomes an after thought. As Led Zeppelin said, The Song Remains the Same…

Hope and prayer.

Coaching is the main issue.

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