Lamar, Delaware St

The two are the only D1 teams to finish the regular season without a single D1 win.

Lamar one of our big wins…along with D3 triumphs…and of course 11-20 Georgia Tech.

Elsewhere in our OOC portfolio you have Bellarmarine playing in the A-Sun title game (but ineligible for the tourney due to the DI transition period), though we lost to them of course.

UC ended up having a meh season. I feel like they’re gonna be good again in a season or two and our close loss will be a huge missed opportunity, like timeoutgate when their football was down.

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Yeah not surprised there on Bellarmine :wink: , just added salt on wound that a first/second year D1 team, with local Cincy kids can potentially be a NCAA qualifier and 19-13 at this time, whilst Miami…ugh, the only 20 in our record we ever see is in the L column.

PS RE UC, agreed…their coach is solid, we played well in that game, but not well enough in key moments.


Bellarmine informed today they are not eligible for the NIT either (which is owned by the NCAA).

They are eligible for the CBI and CIT tournaments.

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