LA Pratt [Miami Offer]

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Former Duquesne commit. Decommitted a couple weeks ago. 6’5" PG

Offers from NKU, Colgate, Holy Cross, Princeton, Ball State, others.

“Duquesne said they wanted to get a graduate student [player] or a senior with that scholarship. Instead of going for a high school kid, they wanted someone out of the transfer portal,” Bariski said. “[Pratt] was kind of in shock at first. I don’t think he thought it was coming. But he’s OK with it.”

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I hope we get him and I hope he kicks butt.

Did Dae Dae take his spot?

Combination of him and Devin Carney most likely. Double Miami connection there

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We get Pratt and a player to be named later.


Northeastern offer

Elon offer

Commits to Elon

This ends up being a straight up trade?

Carney from Elon to Duquesne.

Pratt from Duquesne to Elon.

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