Kyle Kramer

Surprised it took this long to get a shot.


great! good luck to him

I knew Kyle’s parents from road games during his playing dsys. Great family!

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Looks like he was the punter for Panthers in their last game…4 punts with average of 42 yards a punt with the longest being 45 yards. In the articles I read about his signing, the only “knock” on Kyle was that he tended to average in low 40’s but rarely hit longer punts. As I recall from the video posted last year on his training he does have impressive hang times, though.
The stats I saw from the game did not indicate net punting yards so unsure if any of his hIs punts were returned.

Nice to see him get a shot in the pros!

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Averaging 46.3 yards a punt since being signed by Panthers…not bad at all.