KY bourbon trail

My wife knew the CFO of Brown-Forman very well and I got to know him also when we lived in Tucson. His Christmas gift was always a bottle of Woodford Reserve. That man had good taste…we still have a couple of bottles stashed in the back of our bar for special friends.

When we toured Buffalo trace a couple years ago, the visitor center had literally hundreds of bottles of EH Taylor single barrel bourbon at the list price of $69.99. Needless to say I stocked up.!

Excellent….i hope they have the Rye in stock……I can’t find that anywhere for a reasonable price

Have you tried New Riff rye? A little pricey, but good.

The Colonel! I thought he got a raw deal at the end of Boogie Nights but still a significant historical figure.

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I haven’t…but will look for it.


If you’re a fan of the New Riff rye give Bulleit Rye a try. They are both 95% rye 5% malted rye but Bulleit has a lower price point. Bulleit sources their rye from the old Seagram’s distillery (now Ross & Squibb) in Lawrenceburg Indiana and the consultant New Riff used is credited for creating this mash bill while working there. I prefer rye to bourbon but the 95/5 wasn’t my jam.

Fun fact, while Kentucky is famous for their bourbon trail across the river in Indiana Lawrenceburg has as long of a history of being one of the largest rye whiskey producers in the world, just no tours or gift shop lol.
Ross & Squibb started selling under their own label Rossville Union. They sell a blended rye using the 95/5 mash and a 51 rye / 45 corn mash that’s around the New Riff price point.

I find that most places make me an old fashioned with the bulleit rye. It’s solid

That’s a good price for sure.

Knob Creek 12 is excellent and not crazy priced… for now. A few others include Bernheim 7 year, Green River Wheated and good old Johnny Drum.

Yes, Bulleit is solid, but New Riff is a little better IMO. Also, it’s in Newport, KY so close to all of you in SW Ohio. They have tours, though I have not been there.

Perhaps try Angels Envy Rye?

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I should try that out at a bar…… not sure about committing to a full bottle yet. Seemed overly marketed, however, I consistently get it suggested. Lol


It is superb…

Yes it us. I am especially partial to the rye finished in rum casks. Yummy!

The new riff malted rye specifically is awesome!

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The bar next door to Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville serves an excellent Bouron or Rye old fashioned and offers Angels Envy.

Thanks……now on the list!!!

I saw it today at the liquor store. $65 in Ohio. Didn’t pull the trigger just yet, dry January and all.


By the way, I won the OHLQ bottle lottery. Picked up my Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey for a cool $125 last week. Should I flip it for $800?