Kill ‘em and Hide ‘em

During my junior year I got an ear blockage and couldn’t hear. We lived close to MH so I walked over to the E.R.
The Dr. Looked in my ear and pronounced a wax blockage of my eardrum. He got a sharp instrument,
Put it in my ear to scrape away the wax, and promptly punctured my eardrum.

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I had a friend that went in throwing up with severe abdominal pain. They treated her for alcohol poisoning even though she kept telling them she hasn’t been drinking. Turns out she had appendicitis and had to be rushed down to a hospital in Cincinnati by ambulance to have it removed. But only after the staff couldn’t figure out why an IV didn’t make her better.

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I was playing basketball at Phillips and going in for a lay-up. Some guy from behind me wildly swipes at the ball in an attempt to block it and catches me right across the chin, forcing me to bite down into my tongue so hard that I could hear it crunch. I land and immediately spit a mouthful of blood on to the court.

I go to MH and tell them what happened. I wait for about 2 stingingly painful hours, and then a doctor looks at it, and says, “It’s a tongue. It’s all muscle. We can’t do anything for it.”

I get a bill for $96 (insert 1990 conversion here) about a month later.

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Friend of mine (super athlete, in great shape), fainted while walking to class. K’em & H’em gave him a throat culture and sent him home. Fainted again the next day and was sent to Cincy hospital, where they inserted a pacemaker.

So I’m directly related to the OG Hide 'em - real name was Benjamin Hyde, and my family has made substantial gifts since the OG. However, I had to get a few stitches after football practice, and it was an 8 hour event. Many “do you know who I am?” rants were quickly ignored.

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Woke up freshman year in excruciating pain, barely able to walk and had a bump near my lower spine. Parents drove from Centerville and took me to Hide’em…they said no big deal, might be a cyst, and I needed to wait. Parents then drove me to Dayton where a doctor immediately knew it was infected, drained it, and was set up for surgery within a few days.

Was horrifically ill so I went in. Strep, mono, and a couple other tests all came back negative, so they said f it, gave me an antibiotic, and sent me on my way. Got worse after a couple days, so I went back in. Their brilliant new strategy was to give me two additional antibiotics to take along with the first antibiotic. Those didn’t work either, so it took over two weeks before I finally started to get better. By that point I’d missed so much that I had to drop one of my classes, which meant I had to stay a semester longer than initially planned.

No idea if they are still as third rate but if so, maybe it’s time for telemed.

The hospital is now part of the TriHealth Network of hospitals out of Cincinnati, and I think it is getting better.


Could not get worse!

As members of my family have been treated at MCMH, I beg to differ. Through three childbirths, multiple stitches, kidney stones, stroke and pneumonia, we’ve yet to have anything but positive outcomes. MCMH is a good hospital staffed by competent and caring people.


I know several area nurses that use the same nickname.
Another friend and I went took a friend there in the late 90s. They had to fax the X-rays to Hamilton as there weren’t any doctors there at 10pm. Injured friend is blind. She was not happy that they spoke to us rather to her as if she wasn’t capable of understanding what was happening.

What @Alum1 said.

And really, the topic title is tacky and disrespectful.

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I know literal doctors who would agree with the topic title.

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It’s been a nickname for years the the stories of botched procedures and mis diagnoses (echoed here in this threat) I’ve heard is lengthy. I appreciate it may be getting better but it definitely had earned its reputation during the time I was in Oxford.


If they don’t like the name, they simply need to stop killing them and hiding them