Kerry Coombs

Going to UC as an assistant. Good hire by Fickell given Kerry’s HS connections in the Queen City. Even if the rival HS coaches didn’t like him when he was there, they likely got a hard on when they saw him jumping around the sidelines at Ahia State

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It’s an especially good hire by Fickell from a recruiting standpoint since he lost Freeman to ND.

Kerry pretty clearly showed he wasn’t up to the task of calling a defense at the highest level of CFB, but that never was his strength as a coach.

I always wondered why no MAC school at least interviewed him to be a HC just because of how good of motivator/recruiter he is.

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Didn’t we interview him in 2013? IIRC our runner up to Chuck was DJ Durkin (good thing we didn’t hire that jackass) but Coombs was mentioned during the process on places like Football Scoop.

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Was a good HC at Colerain , won OH State titles I think

I wouldn’t have had an issue with Coombs as our HC. As long as he didn’t run the triple option like he did at Colerain.