Just who is left on roster for 2023-24?

The transfer portal has a basketball time period of March 13th to May 11th, correct? And those that enter the portal but do not get recruited and/or accept an offer, what happens then? Is the door back in to Miami closed? I see one signee has asked to be released from her Nat. Letter of Intent and now her H.S. coach and Club coach are each trying to field offers. So who is actually returning from last year and who are the actual signees still coming?

Miami is not the only women’s basketball program with problems.

Buffalo had five members of its incoming 2023 class asked to be released from their NLI in April which was granted after some hassles.

No head coaching change but three assistants (including the recruiting coordinator) left.

It appears that Buffalo has already reloaded with transfers and a couple of other incoming freshman.

It is a new world in college athletics.

Ok, did some researching…looked for the actual transfer portal. Understand the list is only open to administrators and coaches. However,news has to come from actual players for it to be public. I then ran across a website www.heatcheckcbb.com haven’t a clue as to who this exactly is. Went to the MAC category and 11 Miami players are listed. Check it out. Wow. Could this be true?

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So that’s our entire 2022/23 roster right?

If this is accurate we have the following still not in the portal.

Clare Chambers, Jesse Dai and Riley Neal.

We also presumably have 3 of the 4 commits from the 2023 class.

In other words, we still have enough to field a team.

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So, you say we have a chance.


A roster of 6 is hardly a viable roster is it. Wow! This program needs either immediate attention or a year off.

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Greetings! I heard a rumor about Maddi Cluse and Amani Freeman. After a Google search, the rumor seems to be true. Both are apparently heading to Clemson: Re: WBB picks up 2 in the portal - Clemson Basketball Forum - TigerNet

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Salvaged something from our “dumpster fire.” Time to start over in Oxford.

Find players wiling. Willing to play defense. Willing to embrace the Phoenix of rebuild. Willing to drink the carbonated sodas at Millett. If you find these brave souls, they will win. Assuming the coach can navigate the great first two variables.

2 girls to Clemson- 1 to Dayton and we couldnt even qualify for the MAC tournament

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That is how abysmal Miami’s coaching was…WAS is the operative word.
Have to be better times ahead…HAVE TO BE now the operative words.

Our 6-3 girl committed to Hometown Butler while our big guard from Lakota East is taking offers. So probably we have lost 2 of the 4 recruits.At this point we are probably at 5 players. Our 3 returning girls are a walkon who was granted a scholarship at Christmas time, and two seldom used first year players.

So we’re going to win the MAC and the tourney. Got it!

(Seriously… I’m not expecting much this year. And I am fine with that.)

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Excellent press conference. This guy gets it, now he has to do it.

Chambers, Morrow, Dai, Neal and Richason. To my knowledge they are all coming back.

I first read that Cluse and Scott had committed to Clemson, but now that I read the post I see that it was Freeman and Cluse, so hopefully Peyton Scott can be talked into returning for her final season. She only needs about 300 points to pass Lauren Dickerson as the #1 all time scoring leader at Miami and to guarantee a future Miami Hall of Fame spot.


Miami has sent some excellent coaches to IU.Hoeppner,Pont,etc. Glad to see us snag a good WBB coach from IU. And Not from Purdue hoops. (that didn’t work well in Men’s BB).IMHO there is some type of student athlete development coaching similarity between Miami/IU/Notre Dame vs other schools.