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Are there any construction delays or detours on I-75 between Toledo & Ford Field@

We drove here(Grosse Pointe) today and there were no delays or detours. Some lane closures but of course it’s a holiday . I’ll pay more attention going back home tomorrow.

I would plan for extra time and to check traffic reports because one of the major freeways in Detroit is usually closed every weekend.

Yes, just drove it last night. Construction near Luna Pier will cost you about 10-15 minutes. I also heard there were some issues in Ohio down south.

But, a Saturday morning shouldn’t be too bad.


I might add, Exit 11 in Monroe, just north of Luna Pier, is somewhat of a major outlet mall for recreational marijuana if you are passing through and into that type of thing.


Just returned from the Motor City. John has it correct. Lane closures south of Monroe, possible backups especially if work is being done on Saturday. Lane closures as you enter the Detroit area. Closures and possible backups again. Much road and overpass work being done to prepare for the new bridge to Canada. Depends again if work is going on during Saturday . I would anticipate an extra 20-30 minutes from the Ohio border to Ford Field.

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Hey guys - how bad are the delays on Friday afternoon going northbound?

Probably slightly worse.