John Harbaugh and Brian Pillman Jr. in Baltimore Wed night May 4

Did anyone see the support that John Harbaugh gave Brian Pillman Jr. in Baltimore before the AEW match Wednesday night on the TBS network? Jim Ross highlighted that Pillman Jr’s father (the late Brian Pillman) and John Harbaugh were roommates at Miami University and best friends. John was near the ringside and Pillman Jr. (wearing a varsity jacket bearing the #41 worn by his dad) acknowledged John for an inspirational quote (I am paraphrasing) “Attack each day with enthusiasm like mankind has never seen”. Of course in Baltimore, the crowd cheered loudly for Coach John. I was the Head Resident of Hahne Hall in 1982-83 when Brian and John were roommates. It is so uplifting to see that John is somewhat of a mentor for the son of his late friend. In case you do not know, Pillman Jr. is a rising star in pro wrestling and against great odds, trying to fulfill the legacy that his dad Brian left in the turmoil of the sports entertainment industry, which is another story you may have seen last year on the Reel TV network. .


Great story.

Video if you can find it.


JT, thanks for that wonderful story. I met Coach Harbaugh at the dedication of the indoor practice facility on campus. Both he and Ben donated a lot of money to the construction of the facility. I wish Brian Jr. all the best.

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Thanks, Digitalhawk, for sharing the link and Twitter. As stated on Twitter, three of John’s Ravens players are in the background also applauding for him.