Joe Burrow Injury

It’s official!

According to Charissa Thompson’s halftime conversation with Zac Taylor, Joe Burrow’s right thumb will be amputated.


I just heard the League might weigh in on Bengals’ injury report prior to the game.
May lose draft picks and or $$ depending on outcome.

It was definitely injured prior to the game.

I will never forget last year when they made Tee Higgins active and then he didn’t play one play.

That is actually Michael Jackson’s glove with the thumb and fingers cut off!!


Guy is a great quarterback but something about him reminds me of a mannequin from the mall.

Joe’s claiming it’s a compression sleeve to help his wrist. Shoot, I’m sure there’s a few compression sock wearers on this site.

The Bengals are something like 1-25 in prime time night games. (??)

Burrow has a torn wrist ligament. Season over. 30 min ago reported.

Well they currently have a 6 game win streak at home in primetime. However they haven’t won a road primetime game in a decade.

Just to make me feel better. I’m so bummed by his injury

That must be the 1-25 stat.