Jermaine Henderson

When one of the best high school coaches in America talks…. You listen.

When the most prolific NBA player to come out of your school talks… you listen.

When a man who just won an NBA championship as an executive talks… you listen.

Jermaine Henderson is a no brainer to be the next head coach of Miami University.

The naysayers will take a look at the programs at CSU and Missouri State while he was on staff and say he hasn’t won as an assistant. Well guess what…. Jack Owens won a TON as an assistant, and look what we got. Henderson gained valuable experience at every stop, and he’ll take his passion/knowledge of Miami University combined with his extensive background and produce a program that WE can be proud of.

He is a leader of young men. He is one of the most connected basketball individuals in the state of Ohio.

Besides Ryan Pedon, he is the only coach left in America who knows what it takes to win at Miami University.



Wait now. I know what it would take to win at Miami. Yet no one is suggesting me! That seems wrong. Hire me!


I think Herb Sendek, Thad Matta, Sean Miller, Jim Christian, Ron Hunter, Rob Senderoff, Ed Schilling, Randy Ayers, James Whitford, Jason Grunkemeyer, and Chris Thomas would have something to say about that.

Interestingly, I can think of someone who happens to have served as an assistant under Thad Matta and Sean Miller and is considered a candidate for the job.


No way Saylor hires someone considering 0yrs experience as a HC at any lvl and no real success as an asst at either very high achieving G5 type or high achieving P5 sch (don’t claim he helped Weber succeed his first couple yrs - didn’t recruit those kids and Weber was already a final 4 coach - but was there for the collapse and did have a hand in recruiting those kids).
I like JH, but just being an alum doesn’t qualify anyone - it helps tip the scales if all else is equal. If MU is looking at ppl with equivalent resumes, then Saylor should be fired.


I heard last week that the job was already taken, but strangely no announcement so far, so maybe the job is still open. Anyway, I would give a very strong endorsement of Jermaine. Other than hiring some Hall of Fame coach like Rick Pitino when Iona hired him, I fully believe that Jermaine would be the best choice. Here is why I think that.

One thing wrong about our two previous coaches is that they came in without any knowledge or experience with the MAC. When you look at the top teams in the MAC, most of those coaches were very knowledgeable about the MAC. Ohio’s coach played in the MAC. Akron’s coach was a former very successful head coach at Ohio. Kent’s coach had previously been an assistant in the MAC. UB’s last two coaches were promoted from the top assistant position. Only Toledo has a coach with no MAC experience, they got TK from Wisconsin-Green Bay, where he was already a successful mid major coach.

Jermaine Henderson played on two NCAA tournament teams at Miami, then coached many years at Miami with a couple of NCAA tournament teams, including the Sweet 16 team. He also took over as interim head coach at Miami when Charlie was hospitalized and the team played their best basketball of the season under him. I think we lost a close game in the MAC semifinals that season. Also, the players very badly wanted him to replace Charlie when Coach Coles resigned. In fact, Brian Sullivan, who was twice a first team A-10 player at Davidson, transferred out after Jermaine did not get the job and made it clear that was the reason he left. We have not had a college player with that level of accomplishment in all the years since.

I used to go to practices quite a bit, and many times I watched Jermaine coaching the half court offensive and defensive practices and as a former coach, I can tell you that he was excellent and the players listened and learned. One time I got to be in the locker room for a pregame scouting report given by Jermaine and it was really well done. I have attended plenty of Coaching clinics in my day and Jermaine is at a high level in his coaching and instruction.

Then there are the personal character things I liked abut Jermaine. He was so loyal to his head coach, and there were many times when he covered for Charlie, never once trying to take credit for himself, always giving it to Charlie. He also loves Miami as much as I do. I know that he was really down when he did not get the job after Charlie retired. Our program has not yet recovered from that mistake.

At that time he lacked experience of working for anyone other than Coach Coles, but since then he has been an assistant at 3 programs under some good coaches, Missouri State under Cuonzo Martin, Cleveland State under Gary Waters, Kansas State under Bruce Weber.
When I ran into him at the MAC tournament, I also noticed what really good physical condition he looked to be in. He has worked at it, and actually looked better than he did a decade ago. He now has a wife and a child on the way. I thought that he was more mature and very much happy and in control of his life. He would be absolutely great for our young men.

Another thing which is a disappointment about our program ( and very different from our football and hockey programs) is that there is almost no relationship between the current program and the players from the past. While both hockey and football regularly have players back and get big donations from former players, that is a rare thing with our basketball program. Jermaine definitely would work hard to fix that, and in fact he mentioned to me when we talked that some former players had been complaining about that lack of contact and lack of the current staffs reaching out to them.

I think a personal strength of Jermaine is his one on one ability to communicate and build a relationship. This would be absolutely great for recruiting. One final thing, back in the late 90’s, when Jermaine was a young coach in maybe his first or second season, Charlie Coles had a heart attack during a really intense MAC tournament game at Western Michigan ( Wally had missed most of the MAC season and Mestas was also out with a season ending injury in December and we had finished 7th, but Wally had just come back with a couple of games to go, we were playing at WM who was the #2 seed). We were down around 10 halfway through the first when Charlie collapsed and his heart stopped beating and he was technically dead for awhile but there were several Dr’s there and they had all kinds of equipment and got his heart resuscitated and saved his life. There was about a 2 hour delay before we played again ( we came back and won and ended up making it to the championship game before losing). Anyway, this is all just setting the stage for this. Before the teams came back out, Jermaine took the mike and made a gripping testimonial to how Coach Coles had changed his life and given him confidence as a player and then opportunity to coach and he had the entire crowd hanging on every word. So he can do a great job as a public speaker and he knows how to speak from his heart when the occasion calls for it.

I really think he has everything he needs to be successful, except he needs David Saylor to give him the opportunity. I think he would be the most motivated person in the world for this particular job.


2013 Missouri St: 11-22 (7-11), 7/10 in MVC, 212 in Kenpom
2014 Missouri St: 20-13 (9-9), 4/10 in MVC, 157 in Kenpom
2015 Missouri St: 11-20 (5-13), 8/10 in MVC, 255 in Kenpom
2016 Cleveland St: 9-23 (4-14), 9/10 in Horizon, 290 in Kenpom
2017 Cleveland St: 9-22 (5-13), 8/10 in Horizon, 242 in Kenpom
2018 Kansas St: non-coaching admin role
2019 Kansas St: non-coaching admin role
2020 Kansas St: 11-21 (3-15), 10/10 in Big 12, 90 in Kenpom
2021 Kansas St: 9-20 (4-14), 9/10 in Big 12, 147 in Kenpom
2022 Kansas St: 14-17 (6-12), 9/10 in Big 12, 61 in Kenpom

None the less, both Gary Waters and Bruce Weber have had plenty of coaching success in their careers, and Jermaine would benefit from learning from their experience. You seem to be very impressed by the assistant coach coming from a bigtime winning program. How did that work out with Coach Owens?

You have to go deeper than that. Really, you need to talk with the candidate and discuss his plan. You need to see that he checks off all the different qualifications. You need to talk with the guy and get a feel for him. I pointed out many of the qualities in my comments on both Jermaine and on a previous thread about his wife Colleen Day Henderson.

Those of us who were involved with the program back in the Coles era saw a lot of very high level basketball with great coaching, and Jermaine was a big part of that. We played one of the tougher schedules in the nation most years in those days too, including yearly games with X, UC, and UD plus 2-4 games vs bigtime programs. If you only came in on the last couple of years under Coles, well he wasn’t healthy enough and probably stuck with it beyond when he should have quit ( because he loved it too much to quit). None the less, we were as good, in fact probably better than any of the MAC programs for about 10 or 11 years, and Jermaine was a big part of that.


Finding the correct coach for a job requires so much more than looking at their record, especially as an assistant. That’s why the hiring process is difficult. Each school is different. You have to identify the traits of a head coach and determine if they are a fit for your university.
Jack Owens and Don Treadwell had amazing records as assistants. They knew next to nothing about having success at Miami.

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Dick, that beautifully summed up Jermaine and I agree wholeheartedly with you. Records matter, but sometimes you have to trust your gut.


I’m not sure that it’s a ringing endorsement to say that certain coaches have had a ton of success in their careers, except for the times when they were working with the guy you want to hire.

2014 Cleveland St: 21-12 (12-4), 2/9 in Horizon, 85 in Kenpom
2015 Cleveland St: 19-15 (11-5), 4/9 in Horizon, 89 in Kenpom
Jermaine Kimbrough poached by Nevada, replaced by Jermaine Henderson
2016 Cleveland St: 9-23 (4-14), 9/10 in Horizon, 290 in Kenpom
2017 Cleveland St: 9-22 (5-13), 8/10 in Horizon, 242 in Kenpom

2017 Kansas St: 21-14 (8-10), 6/10 in Big 12, 30 in Kenpom
2018 Kansas St: 25-12 (10-8), 4/10 in Big 12, 42 in Kenpom
2019 Kansas St: 25-9 (14-4), 1/10 in Big 12, 20 in Kenpom
Chester Frazier poached by Virginia Tech, replaced by Jermaine Henderson
2020 Kansas St: 11-21 (3-15), 10/10 in Big 12, 90 in Kenpom
2021 Kansas St: 9-20 (4-14), 9/10 in Big 12, 147 in Kenpom
2022 Kansas St: 14-17 (6-12), 9/10 in Big 12, 61 in Kenpom

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Nice! Now do the same for Jack Owens!!!


Also, can you post Jermaines W/L record when he was an assistant at Miami too? Or are we just picking and choosing stats that fit the narrative?


2008 Miami: 17-16 (9-7), 5/12 in MAC, 81 in Kenpom
2009 Miami: 17-13 (10-6), 4/12 in MAC, 91 in Kenpom
2010 Miami: 14-18 (9-7), 4/12 in MAC, 143 in Kenpom
2011 Miami: 16-17 (11-5), 3/12 in MAC, 188 in Kenpom
2012 Miami: 9-21 (5-11), 10/12 in MAC, 191 in Kenpom

Those are his seasons that happened within the past 15 years. You can talk about stuff prior to that, but the game has changed dramatically in that time and you’d be talking about stuff that happened when current recruits were either babies or hadn’t even been born yet.

For comparison, here’s Jason Grunkemeyer’s record as top assistant at Ball State (taking out the initial two rebuilding seasons and the weird covid season):

2016 Ball State: 21-14 (10-8), 6/12 in MAC, 155 in Kenpom
2017 Ball State: 21-13 (11-7), 4/12 in MAC, 180 in Kenpom
2018 Ball State: 19-13 (10-8), 4/12 in MAC, 173 in Kenpom
2019 Ball State: 16-17 (6-12), 11/12 in MAC, 133 in Kenpom
2020 Ball State: 18-13 (11-7), 3/12 in MAC, 116 in Kenpom

Henderson: 73-85 (44-36), 5.2 MAC avg, 138.8 Kenpom avg
Grunkemeyer: 95-70 (48-42), 5.6 MAC avg, 151.4 Kenpom avg

I don’t see people calling out for Grunk to get hired.

Lol :joy:

I’ll take Chet Mason, Ron Harper, Wayne Embry, DICK, and Randy Ayers word over your hand picked stats.


Bring on the funk! I mean Grunk!
Heck, bring on anyone at this point who wants to turn this into the destination job it can be.


Not so much “hand-picked”…just “most recent.”

Many of us think Grunk is a solid assistant coach, butbhes doesn’t have the skillset Miami needs. This strengthens my argument that it is not only about the record. Henderson has the attributes we all want. We have seen his work firsthand, and not only from the stands.
I don’t think many people know how Miami basketball was functioning in the last 5 or so years of Charlie. I think Pedon has been ready for a long time. We all identified his ability to coach long before he was finally given a chance. He would be right in this conversation if he hadn’t taken over half a million dollar to go to Illinois State

I understand what you’re saying with the records. I’m a numbers guy just like you, but it doesn’t factor in the attributes we have seen Jermaine display firsthand. Miami is unique for men’s basketball. We need to find someone who understanda that before he steps foot in Oxford.

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Would love to see DICK’s jersey hanging from the rafters someday.

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Curious as to when @Quinoaburger graduated

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