Jermaine Henderson to join Dayton staff


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Congrats to Jermaine!

Maybe it was mentioned somewhere else on this board but I didn’t realize the NCAA has allowed more paid Assistant Coaches for Men’s and Women’s Basketball (along allowing more for Baseball, Softball, and Ice Hockey). For Basketball, the two additional coaches are not allowed to recruit.

Congrats to Jermaine! Dayton is getting a good one!!



And they buy a home half way to Oxford because…

Hopefully because his wife has been told that we can’t afford to fire our women’s coach but that she will be gone after next season and that she, his wife, will be our next head coach.

Where exactly is midway between Dayton and Oxford?

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As the crow flies it puts Chez Henderson between Gratis and Farmersville.

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Finally coaching at a real basketball school

Hell…surrounded by corn fields.

Eaton would be a better option. Or Blue Ball.

Honestly, I hope Colleen ends up with the UD women’s basketball team. Better head coach!

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I would rather Colleen end up as our Head Coach. She’s not going to join our staff as an assistant.


Why does this board have such a hard-on for this guy???

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People who know Jermaine or have spent time with him know that he bleeds red and white. He’s always been a big supporter of subsequent coaching staffs. He contributes $ to MBB.


No doubt he’s a great guy and Miami guy, too, but ya gotta wonder why he’s been on so many coaching staffs, and why not even given a HC job in the MEAC, Div 2, MAAC, etc.

I am not sure that he has ever even applied for any head coaching positions other than Miami. He did finish one season as the interim head coach at Miami when Coach Coles was hospitalized and the team was clearly better in those last several games.


2008 last home game vs Ohio U. Played the whole team. Lost to Kent State in the MAC Semis by 2. Both teams were holding each other up after the game. Kent went into destroy Akron in the Championship game.

Great new article today