Jayda and Jayden Scott

Just a little information on our new players. They are twins from Brunswick, Georgia and have played 4 years each for UC. This would be their 5th and final year of eligibility, their covid season. They had an older brother Trevon Scott, who also played at UC and was the AAC Defensive Player of the Year in 2020.

Jayda is a 6-1 wing while Jayden is a 6-2 post. As seniors last year they played in every game and were part time starters who did not put up big stats. UC had a bad year last season, finishing 9-21 ( 2-14) and their coach was fired at the end of the season. She was replaced by former Wright State and Memphis head coach Katrina Merriweather.

I think a strategy of filling the roster spots with those that only have 1 or at most 2 years of eligibility left is a good one. Assuming that is what Box as doing. It is a bandaid of sorts for this year, and allows him the flexibility to build his roster with high school players and those who the year after this one, have entered the portal when he has a chance to get involved at an early stage.


Agree. And this year’s roster is going to have a significant “foreign legion” feel to it anyway.

There is no solidly entrenched Miami culture left in the program right now that the two UC women will have difficulty breaking into. Miami’s 23-24 roster is probably going to have a feel similar to one of those third tier post-season football bowls you can only see online through pay-per-view.

The most important thing to know about the Scott sisters right now is that they want to be Miamians. So, welcome aboard! I hope they have a great year on the court and take advantage of the opportunity to earn a well-regarded masters degree.


I don’t believe anyone has said or implied otherwise. I was among the first to “Welcome them Aboard” on Twitter.


I will make a bet right now that despite the rag tag nature of the roster, we win more games this year than whatever the high water mark was during the last 4 years. You can laugh at my prediction but it would/will be fantastic if I’m right.


We won 12 games overall and 7 games in conference play this past season. I think we’re going to struggle to get even half of those numbers this upcoming season. I’m a believer in Box long term, but year 1 is going to be brutal.

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I suppose it depends on our schedule.

Well Coach Box is following me now on Twitter so I will give him some coaching tips! :rofl:


We only know for sure 7 girls on our roster ( do we still have 2 freshman commits ( one from San Diego area, one from rural SW Indiana) who signed last fall?). Teams can use up to 15 scholarships. It is too early to make any kind of informed prediction. Based only on the overall history of the 7 girls we have for sure right now, Quinoa looks overly optimistic. However, there are still 8 more spots to fill and that may change the look entirely.


I hope your prediction is correct but we would need some real good transfers to make that happen. Regardless of record, I am assuming (here I go again) that the product on the floor will not be as devoid of fundamentals as we have recently seen. Please let that be so, coach.

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That’s my basic premise as well. The team did not play good basketball. You can already tell by the staff of the team that’s gonna change. I believe talent does matter but I absolutely believe better coaching can lift lesser talent.

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