Jason Grunkemeyer to Hilton Head

I completely missed the story of Jason heading to Hilton Head. If Miami basketball ever wanted to do a golf outing on the Island, there’s a great contact there!

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Wow!..didn’t know he was right down the street! :smiley:

Thank you for sharing this!

here’s this year’s schedule for Grunk:

I was gonna say “hey, maybe we should be recruiting there?”, but it looks like he’ll need a few years to right the ship.

Hilton Head is a nice place but this move seems hard to understand. There was a time he was being discussed as an up-and-coming coach. Must be a familial reason for this. Either way, I wish him well. Sea Pines is a nice track to go play 18.

If Whitford is on his way out at Ball State then it makes some sense. Not a great market out there for an ex-assistant of a mediocre MAC regime.

Whitford would be a good coach for us. He has won a bit at Testes State. Not Bonzi Wells style, but still a tough out.