Jamie Mahaffey, a revered father and coach, is in a crucial fight against advanced heart failure

“Jamie’s life story is one of dedication and impact. A former basketball player at Miami University, he has been a pillar in the sports community, notably leading North College Hill to three state titles. His influence extends beyond his own achievements, with his children embodying the same spirit of excellence and determination. Danielle, his daughter, shone as an honorable mention All-American volleyball player at Tennessee, while his sons Evan and Eric continue to make waves in Ohio’s basketball scene.”



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“ From Robyn!! Jamie’s Wife

Our boy is getting better!!

Hope you guys are good!!

Jamie has had a good day. They weren’t able to take the breathing tube out because he’s not quite strong enough breathing on his own to compensate for his unbalanced blood gases. The good news is he is breathing on his own. His heart is getting stronger.

He has been in good spirits and when I asked if he was getting discouraged he said no not at all. God is faithful.

Praying for his kidneys to function properly they are causing many of the extra issues he’s having. Praying that his blood gases balance out after another good nights sleep. Praying that he continues to make progress so that we can start recovery.

His dad and sisters came down to visit and a close friend drove down to see him (that made his heart smile)

Miracles loading… ”