James Burns

Any update on James Burns? He was such an integral part of the championship team and it seems like it would be a big boost to get him back for the 2nd half of the season.

Crazy that he has exactly 2 catches since being dragged down by the jersey in the 4th quarter of the Lending Tree Bowl.

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Has he been injured or have they just not been targeting him? I see he made a catch against LIU. I feel like he’s moved way down the depth chart since his nightmare game against Buffalo last season. He’s probably only the #8 or #9 receiving target right now even if he’s healthy.

He’s been hurt most of the season.

He got injured in I believe the CMU game- it was one of the home games. It looked like a hamstring injury. I am sure that is why he hasnt been out there

I doubt this is true, just given his speed. He adds a dynamic we really don’t otherwise have.

If anything, the Buffalo game last year demonstrated what a valued target he is. Even though his performance was a total nightmare.

We’ve got a decent stable of targets right now. Among Sorenson, Hippenhammer, Walker, Homer, Coldiron, Muersch, and Davis, I’m not sure there’s any I would put him in front of. Hippenhammer and Walker are serviceable deep targets and it seems like Davis has the quickness to be able to be used in the jet sweep game. It would be a nice bonus if Burns is able to contribute, but it would probably only be as a limited role player.

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Whether it was Burns or someone else, I was hoping to see a young receiver flash some this season. Obviously Muersch has been a pleasant surprise, but I think he’ll primarily play TE. A lot of unknowns behind the starting 3 WR. I didn’t realize Walker was only a RS-Junior though. Good to know he’ll be back next season (assuming he wants to).

There’s not one of them that has his combination of speed and skill though. Davis might be the closest. As great as Sorenson has been, you can’t throw 3 of him on the field and expect that to be the best option. You need a deep threat to keep the safeties from sitting in the box and stopping corners from pressing at the line all game.

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Burns is our best deep threat and I would think he would be helpful.

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He is a game changer. His speed must be respected which drives a db back. He’s a big play, quick strike weapon.That opens the shorter game that Brett is just so efficient at. We have any number of receivers, both WR and TE. I think it’s a great group. But Burns is special. His ability to catch and run cause defenses to think about and deal with him. That, in itself, is a bonus. I want him back ASAP.


The whole catching part is kind of an issue though.

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When James is on the field, the fans don’t boo, they’re saying “Booooo-urns!”

I guess we shouldn’t count the part where in '19 he had 20 receptions for 506 yds or 25.3 yds per reception. Had eight recep of 35 yds and a 63 yd versus La. in the LT Bowl.That was tops in the US for a freshman. Was a Freshman All-American.
I don’t remember us having too many guys with that kind of ability. We can deal with a couple drops.

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Did James ever sign with a program?

not yet. offers from Duqesne, McNeese, ECU, Campbell, WIU, Limestone, robert morris, Austin Peay

Committed today to Austin Peay

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