I haven’t changed many default settings since the focus has been creating a functional forum. One of the settings I did change was allowing for all caps titles, just for you @Bluesman

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Which QB would we rather face?

I think I’d rather face Rourke. Armani Rogers is averaging more YPA, has no ints so far, and is averaging 6.6 ypc as a runner. Lil Rourke is less athletic than his older brother and running quarterbacks tend to give us a hard time.

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I don’t understand why they haven’t gone with Rogers from the beginning.

O’Rourke. But the bigger question is how they feel about to be hammered by Kimpler, Pace, Phelps, Butler, and Domrob!

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Why thank you! In my advanced state of age I often forget to turn off all caps!

I will say, that is one area OU has excelled in all season. They’ve only given up 5 sacks in conference play, good for third. That includes a game against Buffalo who just had 11 sacks against Akron and a game against Central Michigan, who is tied with us for second at 13 sacks.

Their conference only (prefer them with the difference in OOC scheduling) numbers aren’t actually terrible. They’re tied for first with us at 6.3 yards per play. Sixth place in defensive yards per play. Third least sacked. First in yards per carry. Second in third down conversion rate (behind Miami).

But they allow a 70% pass completion percentage and can’t get off the field on third down defensively.

I was thinking we might face both if the game is going well for us

This is a major trap game for us coming off the huge road win at Ball State…very nervous. Need to come out strong and take control early and take their crowd out of it.

OU isn’t a trap game.

Trap game? This isn’t Kent or BG. If our boys aren’t pumped up to destroy OU, surely that’s a sign the apocalypse is nigh.


One, first post on the new forum. Glad it’s a thread about beating OU.

Two, if OU could kick the crap out of us during our bad seasons then so can we. I know they’re playing better but they lost to friggin Duquesne, let’s win 66-6.


Would be a good step on the way to Detroit.

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I am most certainly in favor of administering to OU a good old fashioned 40 point ass whooping!!

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Ohio was the standard for consistency in the MAC for a while with Frank. Really shocking how little they have to show for it and how quickly it’s come down. No MAC titles and a one week assistance in the top 25 before a loss to Treadwell on a terrible play by one of their best ever QBs. A lot of what could’ve been’s in recent history for them.


It’s not in Chuck’s character and I’m not sure if we’d be good enough to do it, but I’d love to really run up the score tomorrow. I remember 3 or 4 years ago OU fans were saying they were bored with the matchup and didn’t really view it as a rivalry because of how uncompetitive it had gotten. It would be great to really reassert our dominance over them.


Consistently not winning the conference. Boom!

Do you mutherfletchers know what day this is?! Let’s effing go!

Beat OU! Beat OU! Beat OU!


Note: please make sure prof takes his meds! :rofl: