Interesting TV rating comparison

I checked Sports Media Watch because I was curious what rates better between these scenarios

The Cure Bowl had a 1.2 rating with 1.95m watch

The first round game of Akron vs Creighton had a .43 rating and a 794K watch

So I thought about the qualifiers- the biggest in my mind being that the cure bowl was on a saturday. But the first round tournament games are always Thursday or Friday

Another argument might be that the Akron game was played at 130 or whatever. But that isnt unusual - i am sure the Miami first round games since I have been following in 2007-1999-1997- 1995-1993 were all during the day

Another argument might be that there are 3 other NCAA games going on at the same time but this year I believe the Cure Bowl was vs the NFL

Conclusion is that it appears MAC bowl games have more viewers than MAC NCAA first round games

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Orrr…CFB > CBB

It was also a rare MAC bowl game on ABC instead of an ESPN channel.