Intel Investment in Ohio Higher Ed

As part of their investment in a chip factory and R&D facility outside of Columbus, Intel says that they are going to invest $100M in Ohio higher ed. Any idea if what Miami is doing to ensure our seat at that table, or are we just going sit back and let OSU and Case (maybe even UC) sop it all up.

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years ago there was some talk of developing a tech center, i thought east of campus on route 73…was i in a hallucinogenic state, or did that bright idea die the typical MU death?

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If you mean killed by local government and not because the university didn’t pursue it, then yes.

Considering Case is private, it would probably be tough for them to get it. Also, typing Miami University Intel into Google led to this article:
Seems like Miami is already flirting with them, so that seems to mean they’re going for it.


Hawk99, it seems like you have real “intel” on Intel.

(Did you see how effortlessly I did that?)

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Intel: Northeast of Columbus, close to Port Columbus airport…see the map