Imagine, if you will, a 16 team playoff

…with all 10 FBS champs invited. Notre Dame either needs to be a top 5 at-large or get their ass into a conference First round games at the top 8 seeds.

Boise State @ Michigan
Troy @ Washington
Miami @ Texas
SMU @ Alabama
Liberty @ Florida State
Penn State @ Georgia (committee would certainly find a way to flip Ole Miss and PSU to avoid two rematches)
Ole Miss @ Ohio State
Mizzou @ Oregon

Take it a step further, and first round home games only go to conference champions. Visiting teams seeded by ranking.
Boise State @Michigan
Troy @Washington
Ole Miss @Texas
Penn State @Alabama
Mizzou @Florida State
Oregon @Liberty
Ohio State @SMU
Georgia @Miami


How it feels reading your post of Georgia come to Oxford

Never happen because that would make all conferences equal.

Imagine, if you will, an FCS style 24 team tournament.

Imagine, if you will, Georgia sticking their foot so far up our ass that it would dangling out our nostril

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It happens all the time in pay games. At least the team would be playing for something more than a paycheck.

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Never mind, I misread the OP.