? IF UC is in the college football playoffs

does another G5 team get the New Year’s bowl bid, giving the G5 two bigtime bowl games?

That’s a good question! I was thinking the same, but all the bowl projections haven’t shown that

My understanding is no, although I can’t find a definitive source on it besides Wikipedia.

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UC being in the playoff satisfies the G5 requirement. A second G5 team could theoretically be included as an at-large team, but in practice, the committee will never allow that to happen. Coastal Carolina was left out last year despite being undefeated with multiple wins over top 25 teams and UTSA was only 22 before getting upset last week.

Probably not. BYU is considered Power 5. I think the criteria applies to the entire New Year’s Six, which include the playoff. But I can’t find a credible source either.

I would say no as well. No way Power 5 would let that happen.

BYU is considered Power 5.

No, they aren’t considered to be a power 5 teams, it’s just that the requirement is to invite the highest ranked G5 conference champion, and BYU is independent.

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