Anyone else follow the Iditarod Race?

This is my favorite time of the year. I have my Fantasy Teams picked out. I have the snacks bought for watching the Ceremonial Start on Saturday. I plan to have the Live Feed up for the next two weeks - it’s great to work at home. I found the Cincinnati Post clipping my Dad had saved announcing the winner in 1977. It’s such a fun time.


Brent Sass has withdrawn … so let’s go Amanda Otto!

I’m in a number of Facebook discussion groups, and most of the mushers seem to be in support of the decison to remove Brent.
I’m hoping for a Re-Pete.

Ocho and I do. I’ve been to the ceremonial start once and out to the Iditarod HQ in Wasilla a couple of times.

Jeff King visited us once in the Mariners clubhouse the year after he won one of his races.

A few women I used to work with who had spent time in one of our Alaska offices flew to Nome two or three times for the party under the Old Oak Burl.

This is a big weekend for all kinds of racing! First Formula1 race of the season in Bahrain. Race will take place on Saturday because Ramadan starts on Sunday.

His brother is a Miamian!


I have been to two Iditards, 1991 and 1992. Was at the ceremonial start in Anchorage and the official start in Wasilla. Also was at the finish in Nome in ‘92. Helped Rick Swenson,who won both of those races, handle his dogs at the starts. What an experience!


Jeezuz. Kentucky Gentleman, you’ve always had the best handle on this board. Now I come to find out you are the one who let the damn dogs out? I’ve been asking this at parties over the last 30 years at 2 am or so…whenever it’s played. The entire time it was you. Hot damn!

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Wow that’s iconic to help Rick Swenson with his dogs!

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I was to the start twice 2017 & 2020. Came back in 2020 with some crap that made me sleep and cough for two weeks, which no one would give me a Covid test because I didn’t need to be hospitalized. Woke up to find the world closed.

2017 I have an Instagram post of the start sign and my Miami glove. It was such a dream come true to be standing on 4th Avenue.

I have all my Dad’s 80s-90s VHS tapes of the Wide World of Sports coverage of the race that I would love to digitize.


As a second grader at North Star elementary school our class attended the ceremonial start in Anchorage in 1973.