I have an idea

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about The Mystery Meat bowl and it got me thinking: What if ESPN created a game for the two worst teams in college football (think 0-10 versus 0-10) and the game was called “The Bottom of the Barrel Bowl” (Sponsored by a third-rate whisky). The game is played at the worst venue in America, features advertising from the most third-rate regional brands ever, and requires the two opposing teams to play in sequins and or bejeweled uniforms because they also have to perform the half time show. . During the game, it is also required the head coach must take snaps for at least 4 plays at QB, and lucky fans? can get pulled from the crowd to call plays or run them as well. A lot of this would happen second half after everyone is drunk on the free whisky the third-rate sponsor of the game doles out for free. Thoughts?

UMass and UConn already played each other this year.


Winner gets the Treadwell Cup trophy, which is just a jug of whole milk that’s been sitting on an unrefrigerated shelf for two months.


Neither team is allowed to use their timeouts. It’s called the Rico Rule.


Uncle Rico!