Hypothetical Question about Recruiting

If athletes being recruited by Miami were interviewed, what questions would folks be interested in hearing them answer?


Specific to basketball? Or does this include football (and other sports) too

More immediately, basketball, but also interested in other sports as well

(For me) what’s the number one reason you are going to choose a school:

  1. Chance to play.
  2. Opportunity to win.
  3. Money options.
  4. Quality of school.
  5. Team vibe.

Pick one.

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No matter what sport the athlete plays, my first questions would revolve around NIL. What is Miami offering (if anything)? How does it compare with other schools that the athlete is being recruited by? How big of a factor is it in your recruitment? Maybe you won’t get a straight answer on all of those, but I would hope they could tell you if Miami is competitive in that space.

Are facility upgrades part of the recruiting pitch at all?

How do they view the transfer portal?
A tool to be leveraged during their college career? Or last resort option if things don’t work out.

Where does education rank on priorities and does playing at the next level supersede it?

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I think the transfer portal is my biggest question. I would assume any athlete who commits to Miami at this point knows that the NIL opportunities are going to be limited.

What I’d be curious about is what you alluded to and it’s do you view Miami as a stepping stone? By the way if the answer was yes, it would hurt, but I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Hell, Chuck martin can credibly use it as a recruiting tool. Look how many football players have jumped to P4 schools in the last three years and had real success. But anyway, my first question would be are you viewing this as an opportunity to improve your stock and jump to another school? That would be what I am most curious about. You’d probably have to truth serum them because I doubt anyone would admit to that even if it were true.

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Why Miami?

Are there interviews in the works?