How our former players fared this year

There are a lot of them. Interesting enough, none of them played on a good team.

Katie Davidson…played two years at Miami, averaging 11 points as a Freshman and 5 ppg as a sophomore. She quit the team during the preseason last year and did not play anywhere last year, This year she transferred back home to Indianapolis to play for IUPUI. They were 7-23, but Katie was their star and made 2nd team All Horizon and averaged over 16ppg.

Edyn Battle was at Miami for two years, Her first year she played the first game of the year, then got hurt in practice and missed the rest of the year. In her second year she averaged 10ppg, but quit in preseason at the same time Katie D did. She did not play anywhere last year. This year she played for Jacksonville in the A-Sun . They went 11-20 but Battle averaged 20.4ppg.

Sydney Watkins was injured in her first year at Miami and the first half of her second year. She then played for Miami for a year and a half and averaged 1.7ppg. This year she transferred to UMassLowell in the American East. They were 4-25, but Sydney started every game and averaged 31 minutes per game and 7.7ppg and had 80 assists to 76 turnovers.

Peyton Scott transferred to Oregon of the Pac 12 and won the starting point guard but 5 minutes into the first game of the year she suffered a season ending injury. Oregon finished 11-21. For Miami she got her degree and had over 1900 career points. With a healthy season she could have passed Lauren Dickerson for the Miami career scoring mark.

Amani Freeman played 4 years at Miami and graduated and transferred to Clemson of the ACC as a Grad Student. She was playing about half a game and averaging 5 point and 5 rebounds per game but as they started losing she was replaced as the part time Center and her minutes went way down. After averaging 8.4 points and 4 rebounds as a SR at Miami, she averaged 2.7/1.6 at Clemson. Clemson finished 12-19.

Maddi Cluse played two years at Miami and averaged over 15 ppg her Sophomore season. She started the first 13 games for Clemson, then missed the rest of the season with an injury. She averaged 7.5 ppg and 6.0 rpg. Clemson finished 12-19.

Ivy Wolf played two years at Miami and was on the All Freshman team her first season and averaged 12 ppg. In her second year she averaged 17 ppg and made 3rd team All MAC
She transferred to Dayton and was their leading scorer but averaged only 11.9 ppg. She led the team in minutes played but her job was to get the ball to the bigs. Dayton finished 13-19.


Nice summary, Dick. What a mess Deunna left us with! Glad we’ve got Coach Box in charge of things now.

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You just have to wonder what Coach Box could have done with this talent.

What a mess he was left with.

You also have to wonder what it was that caused both Davidson and Battle to quit the team in preseason last year. Should that have not raised some major red flags at the time?


Exactly what raised suspicions with me, Lax.

LaxDaddy- I raised that question last year and never got an answer- Did our AD or anyone in the Athletic Dept ever reach out to them? Their sudden departure certainly could have signaled there were problems with W BB. Of course our previous W BB coach should have been let go even before their departure.As we watch the slow recovery time for W and M BB, baseball, volleyball, and hopefully a change in hockey coach to get these programs back to where they should be the question remains why our AD has not moved quicker to make coaching changes. In fairness to him perhaps he has not had any money to work with re buyouts. In any event Miami athletics overall have suffered greatly by inaction in making needed coaching changes.


Does anyone want an Abbey Hoff update? I have all the latest.

Sure, I always really liked her.

Abbey played in Norway last year. Led the team in rebounding, second in scoring. This year she played for a horrible team in Germany. Abbey though led the team in scoring and rebounding, 16ppg, 8 rebounds a game. Abbey then parted ways with her agent, before the season ended, hired a new agent who immediately was fielding calls for Abbey’s services. Abbey was offered a contract immediately to fly to Portugal on the spot, and play for a Portuguese team in the stretch drive and for the playoffs. She got off the plane and was taken straight to the practice facility. Abbey was immediately inserted into the starting lineup. Once this ends, Abbey is weighing offers from teams in Spain, Portugal, and one of the top teams in Australia. This past year while playing in Germany, Abbey also coached the German equivalent of a AAU select team. This past summer while playing pro ball for the St. Louis Storm, Abbey also coached an AAU select team and was training athletes for fitness. She has a masters from Miami in kinesiology. Also a Masters in Sports Management. If I were to guess, once the Portuguese season ends, Abbey will be going to Australia to play.


Lots of opportunities and money to be made on foreign teams.

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Sierra Morrow finished up at Wichita State, averaging 6.2 points per game.

Thanks for posting that. I actually looked her up and wrote down her stats in my notes and then inadvertently left her out. She must have had an injury as she did not play her first game until late December.

Last but not least, Taylor Boruff averaged 5.9 minutes and 1.9 points per game for the Lynn Fighting Knights.