How many games?

This isn’t meant to measure/test anyone’s fandom. I’m just curious: How many home games did you attend this season, and how far from Oxford do you live?

I am 26 miles away, and I attended 3 (Lamar, UC, EMU).

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Sadly, 0. I did attend 2 OSU games, one Pitt game, and one UD game.

I’m 33 miles away.

I attended one in person yesterday. I actually attended a womens game at home to see my daughter. I am a out 250 miles away from Oxford

I live in Colorado and attended 3 home games. UC, Bellarmine and Spaulding.



Attended 3 games…UC, Senior Night, and another. Live 23 miles away.

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I remember when I would make the hour drive for 4 or 5. A group of us would make one or two, buying tickets and spending money uptown.


I live in northern Virginia. Attended no games, but watched quite a few on ESPN+.

I attended zero games, not even the games at BG, UT and Eastern which used to be automatic. We live 200 miles or so away. I watched a few televised games then cancelled my ESPN + subscription. Just can’t bring myself to watch.

Just returned from playing pickleball where a Miami grad saw my sweatshirt and we talked sports for awhile. Unsolicited he said he could not understand why Miami was not dominant in women’s sports. Yep, I said, don’t get it either.

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Zero, though I’m about 300 miles away. Dekalb is about 50 miles so I could’ve seen us against NIU, but I was home in St. Louis that weekend (and by that point in the season I probably wouldn’t have felt like driving two hours roundtrip to see us anyways).

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So sorry you had to endure that Bellarmine game.

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  1. Georgia Tech. You’re all welcome.

13 games. no d3 games (not real games). 25 miles. still have season tix.


Partial credit to Jive. Being that it was his honeymoon and all.

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=>I attended 3. But intended to attend 5.

I was going to go to the OU home game but tested positive for Rona earlier in the day.

I was on my way to the UB game and hit a pothole on Germantown Pike on way to Oxford that blew out both tires. I ended up sitting in my car watching on my phone waiting hours for AAA driver to show up.

I attended UC, crAkron, and EMU.

THIS was the least amount of games I have ever attended in the last since 1992.

I live (east side Cincy) and work (Downtown Dayton) about an hour from Oxford.


None, but I live in Orange County

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Sounds like a Jack Owens post game interview.

I live 30 or so miles away and attended none. I’m a former season ticket holder but that was a really long time ago.

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Not going until there’s a shred of commitment shown…35 miles away.

It’s on Miami at this point.

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