Hockey recruiting

Wanted to start a separate page for this since Miami actually has built up a pretty decent pipeline for the next couple of seasons.

I used, which does a decent job of keeping up with commits.

D Brasen Boser
C/D Jacob Delaney
LW/RW Casper Nassen (BOS)
C Ian Scherzer
F Justin Stupka
D Ryan Williams

F Charlie Michaud
F Ryan Seelinger


I also look at Chris Heisenberg’s list. Link below.

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Used to follow Chris constantly back when my kid was playing to see where the guys we knew were going. I think he does a D3 list, too - or used to. Best source for player commitments!

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Elite also has Micah Berger listed as coming to Miami this fall but he’s not on the roster or the Eisenberg list. Was looking forward to him coming to Oxford – he had another good season in the BCHL.



Alex Bump, the hot NHL prospect who was committed to Vermont before their coaching issues became public, entered the portal a few weeks back. All signs pointed to him heading to either the Gophers or North Dakota. He just announced his commitment to…Western Michigan. They’re doing things right in K’zoo. Note that that crappy Lawson arena, as compared to the two crown jewels in college hockey, didn’t seem to stand in the way of Ferschweiler landing one of the top prospects to hit the portal this offseason.

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How about The Lawson fans “F—- OHio” chant.? NOT classy.