Hidden Gem Video

On YouTube I just happened upon the complete local broadcast video of our 2001 football game at Hawaii. It was Ben’s freshman year. He went 12 for 12 passing to open the game.

The broadcast was done by Hawaii’s own football broadcast network when they were in the WAC and is complete with local Honolulu commercials.

That Hawaii team - Quarterbacked by Nick Rolovitch - finished 9-3 and beat #9 BYU 72-45 in their season finale. We finished 7-5.

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I was at that game. Miami had a decent group of fans when you consider the distance - we filled 1 section at old Aloha Stadium.

Miami got screwed in that game as Hawaii always use to use the same officials that lived in Hawaii - they are no longer allowed to do that.

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Screw those refs.


Yep. I remember listening to it on some radio broadcast I picked up from SF when I lived in Seattle. That call that gave them the win seemed really sketchy - even to the broadcasters.

The next year (maybe 2 years later) UC played out there and there was a dodgy call in that game as well. Also a brawl broke out between the 2 teams.

I didn’t feel bad about that sketchy call or the brawl.


Back in the day it was THE place to get homered…

“THIS IS A DISGRACE!” - Rick Minter

@D-Day There were several TV shots of out fans. Great turnout!

One interesting change noticed over 21 years. The announcers said the Hawaii game - in November - was the first time Miami had played on artificial turf all season…

Coverage of the 2002 UC/Hawaii game

It’s weird that they didn’t show the brawl, just the aftermath of fans throwing things at the players. Maybe they didn’t want to promote it but that is why fans were throwing trash onto the field.

Also… it was the same weekend Miami bball visited Maryland as the Terps opened the season as the defending champ.

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I’ve posted this game link a couple times over the years…memorable game as it was a blast to watch until the end…Hep an crew in Hawaiian shirts…was great!

Ironically, Miami got in a tussle with the Hawaii players after the game, I think after near hotel or eating out…can’t remember, but Hoeppner talked about it in interview.

Spam and poi has a way of getting you jacked up!

Interesting that both coaching staffs had those Hawaiian shirts tucked in. Was before Untuckit! Lol