Hello All and still drunk from our win last night!

As above:

Redhawk fan from North Carolina and still not 100 percent sober haha from our win last night. The bell is back where it belongs! Didn’t get my undergrad from this great university(Played football at a very small D2 school smh) but did move to Oxford and got my Masters in School Psychology from the school as a colleague of mine went there and said the program was amazing. They were not lying! Had some great times for the three years I lived there, enjoying all the sports(Still have my replica Miami hockey jersey somewhere haha) and hope to get back to a game sometime soon and of course go to Mac and Joe’s for some grub. As a side note, I do follow Tar Heel basketball and am a Browns fan also, assume thats ok lol.

Lastly, just want to say how proud I was watching this team last night. We never gave up and really fed off the Redhawk faithful that were at the game. Now, I will be the first to hold my hand up and say that I have not been that enamored with Chuck being at the helm the past couple of seasons, but our guys have taken a big leap so far in these first 3 games, so hats off to him and his staff and hopefully it continues.

Keep on enjoying the win fellas and keep on laughing that UC fans probably still think they can be a force in the Big XII lol.

On to Delaware State.



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My daughter is in her second year in the School Psychology program. I have met several of her cohort, and no choice but to be an amazing program with the caliber of students. (she did undergrad at Miami, too). Don’t be a stranger on the board.

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That’s awesome friend! I know she has enjoyed every second of it! The faculty are stern sometimes(Well they were with me anyway haha) but are all great and want only the best for their students. I am currently entering my 3rd year as a counselor at a local private school and am enjoying every second of it. Well for the most part as kids will be kids haha. Helps to relieve some stress as help coach the football team also.

Again good luck to her! I intend to go get a Doctorate at some point also before I get too old haha(36 years now).And I love talking sports so will be on here as much as my schedule allows.


Dear friend’s son and daughter in law live in Hickory. He was a four year place kicker for Catawba.


Welcome! I hear you! I, too, am still basking in the afterglow. Just lit my 60th cigarette and watched the UC post-game presser. Delicious! I wish we could all get together to enjoy this. What a party that would be.


I was curious on UC, thought they took it well…and was really impressed with the local DT for UC in his presser, and their coach overall.

Good time though…Miami showed up and was not mis-matched or overwhelmed much in this one…and finished off a great effort and game with some elite play.

Good stuff, and thank you, Miami!


Talking about drunk and drinks :slight_smile: Straight from Brick Street



The team buses actually let out at Brick and the bell made an appearance! Looks like the video didn’t make its way to Twitter (or X or whatever).



This is super nice! I hope we will have a lot of these kids showing up to the games now.