Hazing scandal at BUGS

When are they ever going to learn?

Wow, this is huge news. I feel bad for the fans. Someone on BUGS’ board said that ultimately they may not have enough players to field a team.

I never was interested in the frat thing and didn’t play sports at the collegiate level, but I fail to comprehend the concept of hazing.


What better way to build trust in leadership on a team than to have upperclassmen degrade underclassmen making them feel bad and embarrassed.

A little more here:

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Exactly. The OHL has had the same problems and worse for years and is finally being forced to address it.

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Scuttlebutt also appears to be that Austen Swankler was about to face serious disciplinary consequences for a totally unrelated matter, that he reported the hazing in retaliation, and that both whatever he was going to get in trouble for and the hazing are bad.

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This is the program that, in favor of being Ohio State’s pool boy, has frozen us–a fellow MAC school–off the schedule depriving us of an in-state rivalry game? Right? Eff 'em.

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Saw that on Ay Ziggy. Makes sense with the timing of his cryptic comments to The Blade.

They’re also saying Eigner has retained an attorney. Is it one of you guys? :grin:

They claim Cullen was poached in a totally unethical way. I don’t know the details but that’s a key reason BUGS won’t agree to schedule Miami.

Right. I remember reading/hearing that. I just find the timing of them dumping us off their schedule at exactly the juncture that OSU “graces” them with an annual weekend series to be a bit more than coincidental. Could be a bit of both factors, I would assume. In any event, enjoy polishing the shoes of your overlords in Cbus, BG.

I’ve always speculated this was the cause of the rift, have you been able to confirm?

We got what, 6 games out of Cullen before he left? So we lose the second in-state OOC rivalry series over 6 measly games. Berge negotiated a helluva deal for us there. If Eigner doesn’t survive, maybe the new guy does a reset and we get back on the schedule.

BUGS and OSUcks have played each other every year since the formation of the B1G so it’s not a recent conspiratorial ploy. I pay attention to this only because I like to see who wins the mythical “Ohio Cup” between the 3 schools. Note to the viewer: it hasn’t been us for a while.

Back to lurking.

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