Had to share…

Am watching Akron vs. NKU. Toward end of first half, announcer says, “this has been a back and forth affair, with Akron leading most of the way”.

Since we’re (over) sharing I’m sitting in parking lot at Walmart on hold to snappy Hawaiian elevator music waiting for Jake from State Farm to call me back.Because I just got run into by a f’in deer!!! Driver side door hard to open and all I can say is F! Small buck and the little bastard walked away. Pulled on to a side road to check the damage and the little Rudolf wanna be went strolling by.


The deer take down license plate numbers. Sleep with one eye open.

I hit a deer in CNY one time in a rented Caddy. The buck got up, shook it off and ran off with the car’s front California license plate attached to his butt. No joke!


I don’t love what happened to you but I admire your post as it was amazing! Glad you are ok.

I hit a donkey with a rented Lincoln Towne Car on a dark road on Maui one night. True story.

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Kentucky G…This is bonkers and you need to share more.

Ps, you still have the best handle on this board and that’s a doggone fact.

I was really happy I’d taken the LDW on that rental. It’s reasonable in NY because the Insurance Commissionr has capped it at $9.95. All I had to do was turn the car back in.

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