Guest coach of the game experience

My wife last year at Miami cares bought me the guest coach of the game experience which I cashed in today and what a wonderful experience

Coach Richburg was my main contact but all of the coaches talked to me and were very friendly to me

I figured a 4-11 team might have poor energy but the team was very connected and pulling for each other on the bench

It was a really neat experience to be in the locker room for the pregame- halftime and postgame

And we played an awesome game

I highly recommend the experience for your bidding next year


Very cool. Did you get to suggest any plays? If so, did the idea of running the picket fence ever get discussed? Please tell me it did. Just lie if you have to.


Steele was gonna get himself ejected so that Redsea could coach like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers


I would hope he’d be calling plays in his bathrobe on the sidelines. I know that’s not true to the plot, but it would make for a fine detail.


You should be invited back asap!

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Can you travel with the team the rest of the season!


Fabulous! This immediately goes on my bucket list. Hadn’t heard of it before–where can I get more info?

It was part of a Miami cares event. I think it was online but this year it is both in person and online. My wife bought it for me.

She’s a keeper. Congrats.


Thank you, Redsea.

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