Graham Nicholson stats

Perused NCAA kicking stats this morning…Graham is tied for 5th in most FG’s (13), and is one of only two kickers in FBS that has more than 10 FG’s and is perfect on hitting every attempt (13 for 13). Perfect on XP’s as well.

What a weapon!


Nicholson should be Miami’s Heisman candidate…break new ground.

He is great. SP is a true weapon for MIAMI

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He should be the current favorite for the Groza award, based on the major kicking stats (FGs made, FG percentage, longest FG, XPs made, XP percentage).

ESPN’s mid-season All-Americans

Graham is listed as the runner-up for best PK in America. Oh look, he’s just behind the Alabama kid even though he is tied or has a slight edge in every major statistical category. What. A. Shock.

The Sporting News has picked Graham Nicholson as the mid season All American place kicker. see


Alabama’s kicker missed 2 field goal attempts against LSU. Right now Graham has by far more kicks than anyone else who hasn’t missed (he’s 17/17 on FGs and 28/28 on XPs. The only thing potentially holding him back from the Groza Award is total points. He’s 13th among kickers in that category. But the scoring leader (Oklahoma State) has already missed 6 FG attempts. UNLV’s kicker is 2nd nationally in points and he’s 19/20… but Graham currently has the edge on him when it comes to distance kicks (8/8 for 40+ yards vs. 6/7).

Side note: it’s way more relaxing researching this (“Are we on pace to have a player recognized as the best in the country?”) rather than trying to figure out which teams we need to lose which games in order to make sure we get a bowl game at 6-6.


Well unfortunately Graham had an ExP kick blocked in the Akron game (loss of containment on interior), but he nailed both his FG’s and is now 19 of 19 on the season. Actually, his first FG kick looked a little funky…kind of a line drive, but his second was perfect.

If he keeps this up, he certainly could be named an All American at year end.

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Bevelhimer is now 10th in the nation in punting average at 46.68 per kick.

He has not been ranked for a good portion of the season because he did not meet the minimum number of kicks required to be included in the NCAA stats.

Interesting problem to have.

“You are not punting enough”.


When ESPN’s stats are updated to include last night’s game, I believe Graham will be #1 in the nation in FG’s made with 22. (And nary a miss to boot!)


ESPN just updated their stats. Nicholson is #1in FG’s converted and the ONLY kicker in the top 46 (of FG’s made) that is perfect on all his attempts.

An All American in the making perhaps?


And it’s unfortunate that a blocked point after attempt is being held against him, statistically.

UNLV’s kicker missed 1 of his 2 FG attempts in yesterday’s loss to SJSU. He’s now missed 2 field goals this season. Right now the only thing that would push him ahead of Graham is total points. But in terms of kicking stats (acccuracy, distance, etc.) no one should really beat out Graham.

At the bare minimum, he has to be a finalist for the Groza.


He’s officially a Groza finalist.

2023 Groza Finalists

A fan vote is involved. The Bama kicker will obviously win the fan vote.


Graham was winning by a good amount when I voted

I saw some scuttlebutt from Auburn fans about their freshman kicker not getting included. Apparently, he’s had a good year as well.

It would be nice to see a MAC guy win. These awards often feel rigged.

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Bless their little War Eagle Hearts!

Silly question, but I sorta recall someone from MU winning this a while back. Am I right?

Nobody since at least 1992. Ohio State’s Mike Nugent (Centerville Elks) won it a few years ago.

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Interesting…now I gotta do some internetting

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