Give Em Back ESPU!

ESPN is not the only media entity with issues.

Sports Illustrated has issues…No wait! Maybe they will no longer have issues.

“The owner of Sports Illustrated has ended the employment of the publication’s entire staff, leaving the very existence of the nearly 70-year-old magazine in doubt”

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I see what you did there. Well done. Also a bummer. Was a great pub.

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It was. Seemingly in every office and so many homes.

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I had a few friends who ended up in faces in the crowd. I was so jealous! That was big time before everyone became famous thanks to the internet.

I had a letter published in The 19th Hole in the issue of 6/17/1968: Hard to believe this can be found with a simple internet search.

I very much enjoyed your article on Red Rightfielder Pete Rose. You did a magnificent job of summing up the parts that go together to make up one of the most colorful ballplayers of this or any other day. But you neglected to give credit to one of the great contributing forces in Pete’s development, his high school baseball coach. Mr. Paul Nohr, in his 34 years as baseball coach at Western Hills High School, turned out as many major league ballplayers as have been produced at any high school in the country. He has sent eight players to the majors and there are several more now playing on minor league clubs.


A couple things:

  1. This is awesome.

  2. I share a less flattering view of Pete on account of him cursing my brother and I out when we asked for an autograph. We were 8 years old and it was kind of a drag as he was a star. At least in our eyes.

  3. I hope MU baseball kicks butt this year. I haven’t been this excited for spring in a long time. Were I in the 513, I’d be sitting in the stands watching. Hands down the easiest venue for students to enjoy. It’s free and right in the heart of campus.


That was written in 1968. Pete and I went to the same high school and I was 21 years old. There is no question Pete is now and always has been an asshole.


He certainly never lacked for confidence. Ps. Western has a pretty great overall sports history.


Here’s the SI article on Charlie Coles’ basketball class.


I got all 20 right. I basically took the same course from Darryl Hedrick, I still have my notebook, I coached for 20 years and I taught those principles. Really good stuff.

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II was 20/20 also. Took the course from coach Shrider , that course and watching and sometimes participating in every practice for a year got me started successfully in coaching.

Ok, admittedly this is likely gonna cause a tangent but it’s related to several things we’ve all discussed so I wouldn’t even know where to place it. I’m a party of one, but I think you can learn way more about running a business/teaching/leadership/being an entrepreneur doing a class like this than if you studied these as a discipline direct course. That’s a long winded way of saying it’s classes like this that make a broad based liberal arts education shine. When I hear of us dropping programs to become more streamlined in our offerings, I worry. The narrow minded person says “studying basketball is a distraction from whatever your major is.” The broader minded sees the merit of learning a whole lot of valuable life skills without even realizing you are. Rant over, maybe we should all pool our funds to buy SI’s assets and rebuild it.


Well said.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.
Send your post to Crawford and the Chair of Miami’s Board of Trustees……they need to think more broad-minded than what they may be proposing.


I’ve posted this before but it’s been some time. The BEST story from Coach Coles during my time in his class…

Coles: “What’s that site where the fans write about the games? ‘Hawk talk’ or something?”
A couple of the football players: “MiamiHawkTalk.”
Coles: “That’s it. My son-in-law is on there all the time. He reports back to me, ‘They said this about you, they said that about you…’ I tell him, ‘Stop going on there. Take care of my daughter, for crying out loud.’”