George Washington University to drop nickname

I’m suggesting “Wooden Teeth” as a new nickname

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Not shocked at all. Next year the students will petition to change the name of the University!

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To be honest I always thought their name were the Colonels.

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They can afford to virtue signal: GW is the most expensive university in America to attend.


  1. a native or inhabitant of a colony.

i guess anyone who had family in one of the US colonies can expect reparations from the crown next?

paging mr. orwell


How very brave of the school!

GWI Generals

GWU Surveyors

Apple Farmers…of course

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GWU Cherry Choppers

Wooden Dentures


The Beech Bicuspids or the Maple Molars

Deciduous Dentures

What about just naming the team “the ton’s” and the mascot is a giant boulder. Maybe with a grey ponytail. And a couple of military decorations on it.

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GWU Landowners?

GWU Fathers

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The GWU… “Wigs”

Gotta be it…even though George probably had his own wig-like hair

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and then they can have “Wig-outs” for their home games?

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The Patriots are next