GameDay - Nick Lachey is a fraud

Nick Lachey is a fraud! On Game Day today he said he is a “Cincinnati native” and a lifelong Bearcat fan. He never acknowledged his affiliation with Miami and only mentioned his time at the University of Spoiled Children - USC. Lachey was actually born in Harlan, KY and his family moved to North College Hill. Even though he had relatives who attended UC, he chose to attend Miami. He pledged SAE and stayed at Miami for one year before transferring to USC to continue his career in show business. A lifelong Bearcat my ass! More like a front running Bearcat bandwagon jumper.


He’s an asshat

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He actually stayed two years…he was a sophomore student athletic trainer (working with the men’s basketball team) when I was a freshman. I remember coming back the next year and wondering what happened to that Nick guy and finding out that he dropped out to go join a band. What a loser, we all thought…only to see him make more money over the next 15 years than all of us athletic trainers combined. :smirk:

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But nonetheless a phony!

I am older but I can honestly say I have never seen Nick Lachey act or I think he is a judge on one of those shows now where people sing- I dont watch that either.

And I am sure he is a hollywood phony

But if he is being asked to do the UC game picks as the UC celebrity do you really think he is gonna talk about his 2 years in Oxford?

Totally agree and more to the point…

Who gives a shit?


However, he volunteered on Game Day that he was a suite mate with Steve Sarkisian “when he was a freshman at USC”.
How could he really be a freshman at USC if he spent his freshman year at Miami?

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A pure phony!