Future Schedules

I don’t think we’ve made any announcement about future schedules since either the Pitt or Stonehill announcements. Our Dance Card is full through 2025. Looks like we’ve got a game to add in 2026 and quite a few open slots through 2031. 2027 is all set but 2030 is completely empty.

Anyone have any rumors about who we might be negotiating with?

Pitt is probably a reschedule from the COVID cancelation, glad to see it return. I don’t have any inside scoop, but wouldn’t be surprised to see us work out a G5 home-and-home for 2026/29.
I’d be shocked if we didn’t get a buy game to complete 2028.

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Stonehill? All I can see is John Cleese in “The Life of Brian”

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I had no idea Stonehill jumped up to FCS but yep they made the move in 2022.

Proving that they’re still basically D2, Stonehill’s stadium has a capacity of 2,400.

No Missouri i called it a while back

Missouri is still on next year’s schedule. The screen cap just starts at 2026 because 2025 is full.




Maybe the buyout to us should be saved for NIL?

=>No Notre Dame, UMass, Northwestern, Lindenwood, or Wisky either!

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Miami Football no longer has a Future Schedules link on its web page.

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Even UC’s football schedule won’t scroll beyond 2024? What up?