Frozen Four starts today

Opening Day for Baseball, too. And Tiger at the Masters. A lot to watch today.

5:00 ESPN2 Denver vs Michigan

8:30 ESPNU Minnesota vs Minnesota State

Oddly, no Eastern teams at all for a Frozen Four in Boston.

Denver beats Michigan 3-2 in OT!

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It’s always nice to see Michigan hockey lose.


Minnesota State beats Minnesota 5-1

Always good to see a 3-2 Michigan OT loss in the tournament. Take that, B1G!


Denver vs Minnesota State for the ‘ship!

Hope Miami some how gets back to the Frozen 4 . 12 years and counting


NCHC vs. CCHA. Interesting.


Wearing my 2009 Frozen Four shirt tonight to watch the championship game…

I can’t quite decide who I’m rooting for in this game. Do I cheer for the conference and my local team? Or do I root for the CCHA and the underdogs who have never won a title? Honestly, I’m just hoping to see some good hockey either way, given how little of that I saw with Miami this year. :roll_eyes:

I’m probably rooting for Minnesota State as a friend’s son is a student there.

Denver 5 Minnesota State 1. Denver has 9 national championships, the most of anybody.

Love how Bucci put another 2009 championship game reference in there when the score was 3-1 a few minutes ago before the flood gates opened. Denver shows how easy it can be to just score the empty net😢.

I won’t lie, I wanted to throw something at the tv when DU scored their third goal and they brought up the 2009 championship game.

I really thought Minnesota State had that game for the first two periods. Congrats to DU, even if it’s going to make all the DU hockey fans around here just that much more insufferable. :smirk:

Yep…was rooting for Minnesota State.

I wasn’t really rooting for anyone tonight but the result was what I expected.

My kid and I watched it. He played New England prep hockey and D3 hockey in the NESCAC. We couldn’t believe how bad - and timid - DU locked through the first 46 minutes. Their forecheck was nonexistent, their breakout was trash and they were being outshot 23-8 when they got a good bounce and scored their first goal. The last 14 minutes were an absolute collapse for Minnesota State. Very strange game.

Maybe Minnesota State had something to do with Denver’s tough start. Minnesota State completely tied up a strong Minnesota team on friday night. When Minnesota State had to open up their game, Denver took advantage.

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