Friday 13th Beat Denver like Freddie Krueger!

And Sat 1/14/23 also!


The child and I will be at both games, with my senior year roommate and her husband (both alums) tonight and a friend and her boyfriend who will probably be cheering for DU :smirk: tomorrow. Here’s hoping that we at least make the games respectable, unlike last year!


If the leading lady of hockey shows up, I predict a win for MU. Book it!

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Like your style!

That sounds great.The team is playing excellent hockey.

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Holy heck, the luck is not with us tonight. Maybe we will tighten things up tmrow.

I’m sorry

Our team is definitely not playing excellent hockey

Oh well. Here’s to Saturday.

I assume it won’t be better

It can’t be (much) worse…

Miami needs to find the Net.
No goals = no win.
Blocked a lot of Denver shots. ( Clement,4)
32 combined saves from the 2 Miami goalies.
Get ‘Em Saturday.

Denver has at least 3 future NHL All Stars.