Franklin University Commercials

All of a sudden this week we’re being bombarded by Franklin University commercials here in NC. Weird!

I hear Franklin University makes it possible

Like Franklin U. out of Columbus? I got my MBA there, always thought it’d probably be more impactful if I had been in Columbus, seemed to be more respected there but that was 15 yrs ago. It was a good virtual option at the time. They were well regarded in military circles for being flexible and affordable.

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Could explain why they’re playing where @NESCACDAD is, because I believe he’s near Fort (used to be Bragg).

I’m much closer to old Fort Fisher, but LeJeune is just and hour and a half away. Their ads stress that they are Ohio’s #1 online university.

Speaking of commercials, did you or a loved one serve at Camp LeJeune between 1953 - 1987?

Every day from numerous law firms!