Field Hockey has a big win

They knocked off 17th ranked Wake Forest. First win in program history over an ACC school. This team is just a quality operation year in and year out.

Edit: we are now ranked top 25 in the country. Thanks to MissMiami for catching my earlier typo where I mentioned UVA.


Also, tomorrow Tuesday 9/26/2023 Miami plays #4 Louisville in Oxford at 2:00 pm - I plan to attend. So, if you are not working tomorrow & you are within 1 hour away, get your butt to Oxford.


My lady friend who has gone to Miami games over the years with me regularly had a ballroom dance recital in Greensboro over the weekend. When she checked into her hotel she was surprised to run into the RedHawks FH team in the hotel lobby. She’s taking the credit for being their successful weekend den mother.


It was 17th ranked Wake Forest they beat, not UVA, still huge deal! Aside from Louisville this week, they play 6th ranked UVA next Sunday in Ox. 2 big games coming up!


Tyou! Doh! I’ll fix now.

Miami lost 2-0 to UVA. Still, this team is competing with teams at the highest level, and no one is going to be overlooking them if they make the NCAA field.

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Between this team, softball, x country and sync skating, we have at the moment four really stellar teams. We should be there in others like volleyball and soccer but both programs seem historically flat. I would argue field hockey is our best chance in any sport right now to win a natty. Sync skating of course has already done that.

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We have a really nice field hockey program. But I think you guys are overstating a place nationally. Yes, we only lost 2-0 to UVA today. But, we were outshot 19-1 and didn’t have a single shot on goal. We literally had no chance to win the game.

Now, I expect us to win the MAC again, but talk of winning a natty is laughable.

I said it was our best chance. And it’s not laughable. What is laughable is that I have a friend who is holding a pile of crypto and still thinks it’s valuable. That’s laughable.

Oh I don’t think we’re winning a national title. But I do think it’s a respectable program that will be taken seriously, which is a lot for a MAC program!

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I said best chance. Not will.
If you will.
Will you?

Ps, no one ever says that after “if you will” but they should because “ if you” will is assumptive.

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Let’s be honest, the only person winning a national title is your friend and his collection of NFTs.


You do recall that we beat NW last year (it’s all there in the footage) until we got totally hoodwinked by the ref. If UCF can say they won a national championship in football without actually beating any of the teams that played for the real one, why can’t we claim one as having beaten the team that actually did in the tourney!
Go us!!!

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