Family UC Fun:)

So I was at family get together yesterday. Have written a bunch about my nephew and his son, both UC footballers. Dad was walk-on and started one year at center, one at guard and one at tackle. Son and great nephew now one year out was four year full ride. Were talking about USuck’s terrible year and us winning back the bell and it got interesting.

Both agreed, for all the players in the locker room now and for the alumni football players the absolute worst defeat of the year and most dreaded loss was losing to Miami! No other single game loss get them as pissed of at losing as their losing to the Redhawks. My great nephew who played for Fickell said that for four years he treated it as the most important game of the year. More so than at the end of the year when they were playing UCF for the conference championship three years (?) ago.

Thought it was an interesting perspective. Glad to see we matter!!!

They also said if Satterfield keeps it up (losing) their coach will be a hot topic on our “Coaching Carousel” next year. Already grumbling and talk he’s lost the locker room.


He lost that locker room the minute I snuck the Rock Lobster virus in.

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Portal transfers coming to us from UC? :grinning:

Swimming in the ocean…….


Well said. It’s the absolute truth.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we get a few UC portal’ers and they come here, blow up and work their way into very high draft choices.

AND–help us beat their former teammates. HA!