Exploring Central Michigan connection to Michigan scouting

Anyone see this one?


Yep. It’s all over the ESPN college sports talk shows this afternoon. Central plays tonight on TV. Should be interesting.

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“Central Michigan has multiple staff members with ties to Michigan.”


McElwain was an assistant at UM for a season between Florida and CMU, no idea if he’s involved but it’s certainly suspicious.

So, the NCAA is so god damned mad at Michigan that Central Michigan gets the death penalty?

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Reads like the old “A Payroll to Meet” book and Southwest Conference schools turning in each other

Stupid question: what’s to prevent Stalions from wiping his phone and computer? I am not aware of any legal injunction at this time.

I don’t think he knew he was being tapped. That’s going to be an issue if this comes to court.


Artist rendering of Harbaugh during the next three games: