Every MAC School Needs to do this EVERY SATURDAY!

Kudos to Ball State with this…

Along with flying the flag for OoC wins… MAC office should push this.



I’d like to see any Miami student wearing an Ohio State jersey or hat get tarred and feathered every Saturday. For the Michigan MAC schools, the same if they have a UM or MSU logo on.


As an out-of-state Miami football player from Illinois, I seriously wanted to puke in my mouth and throw fists with any Miami student wearing the Cult of Ohio jersey or hats… I never got it, still don’t. I’d really be happy if the MAC started a team of athletes and cheer leaders like in the video who constantly called out pretenders like Ball State did.


I predict this thread gets shut down and locked by an OSU MiamiHawkTalk Moderator. :rofl: "Don’t you dare talk about the Bucks like that! I had a good UC Bearcat friend and I’ll never forget in 2014 when UC had a good team and played Ohio State and it was a 1 touch down game at half and UC was looking good and he turned on his Bearcats because he was worried OSU might lose and they might be National Champs but not if they lost and he was rooting against UC. hahahaha… that when I knew this was all crazy.

I think we did something similiar but it was many years ago.

Jack Sorenson roamed Armstrong with a camera one season trying to convince fellow students to attend our upcoming home game. As Ball State and Miami Oh Yeah have pointed out, school spirit at most MAC schools seems to be pretty lame - secondary to what other schools many hold an allegiance to.

I can understand wearing another school’s shirt or hat SOMETIMES if a spouse, fiancé, sibling, grandparent, parent or child went there. This is not an exhaustive list.

However, there are a few shirts I feel Miamians should hold toxic and never under any circumstances wear - another MAC school, a school in Huntington and another in the quaint little village of Clifton. I’ve got Hamilton College, UChicago, UNCW (the local university and my fiancé’s alma mater) and University of Washington (my grad school) gear. I would never wear any of those to a Miami event.

Kudos to Ball State!

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There’s only one moderator, and I have no ties to Ohio State. And I’ve always been pretty vocal that giving money to a school you don’t attend seems like a waste…

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That is great. I think we’d run out of shirts in the first hour.

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