ESPN College Football Pickem

Sad commentary on fan interest. For the first time in my memory no Fans of Miami RedHawks group had been established for ESPN’s College Football Pickem game. It’s week two. I created a group today. I’m the only member.

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Now there are two!

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If I could watch ESPN thanks to the folks at Disney & Spectrum might join Eddie.

That said…maybe can see on Hulu? Gotta’ check that out. Otherwise listening to the game on internet though think maybe there’s a Columbus station at the end of the dial that carries Redhawk games???

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In the car charging my phone and watching Washington vs Tulsa on the PAC12 Network - on Spectrum…

Hurricanes up 15 over TA&M with about five minutes left.

And A&M scores at TD.

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My magnificent Week 7: After a dismal 3-7 week in Week 6, I finally hit it big time in Week 7.

I went 9 for 10 - only missed the Oklahoma State upset of Kansas. To top it off it hit the exact number of points in the tiebreaker - 69 - in the Oregon-Washington game.

Never, ever had a week like this one!