Entire university sells for $5 million

Bankrupt Alderson Broaddus University in historic Phillipi, WV sold at auction. Up until last August it had a DII athletics program with membership in the Mountain East Conference.

No wonder, after all, the school “…had a lean on it.”

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Maybe a lien

Obviously. Proof reading is dead.

One my old track teammate’s son was track team’s head coach there. He was a student athlete there as undergrad. My teammate is Dennis Vaughn. I think Dennis still has record in something at Miami. On my cell and too big a pain the get to track records. Caught up with him a while ago and he was a Washington DC policeman.

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Dennis Vaughn holds the Miami school record in a discontinued event - 440 yard hurdles @ 51.71 sec.
He has the second fastest time in Miami history in the metric version of the event (400 m hurdles) @ 51.51 sec. The school record is 51.34.

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Bash…Thanks for update. Going to email Dennis and check in.