Embarrassing display of support by previous Oxford mayor

If you want to know how hard it is to run a successful athletics program at MU, here is a sample of that. The previous mayor just posted the following on a group of the faculty union. For the locals: Please remember that the next time you vote.


Is this a public group? If so, I don’t really think it’s a shocker that faculty at universities tend to think athletics is over-emphasized. If not, why are we posting people’s private communications on here?


This post came from a private group. I echo what @thechuck_2112 said: The expressed opinion is unfortunately common on campus, and I tend to believe this forum is not the appropriate place for it.


Is the mayor’s salary paid by Miami?

It was a totally stupid comment that deserves to be ridiculed private or not.

It made no sense. Three totally unrelated points

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In your opinion

Who cares!


She is a faculty member, was the mayor a few years ago, and currently is a member of Oxford Township Board. So, she worked/works for different institutions simultaneously. Her “mayor salary” was not paid by Miami.

Haters gonna hate…

Hey Mayor,
Got a better offer? Take it.

Spent the last few days traveling and haven’t had much time to moderate:

  1. I’ve deleted the screenshot. There are times for leaks, this probably isn’t one.

  2. The opinion expressed isn’t surprising

  3. The ~25 students Chuck brings to campus each year is probably more than most faculty recruit. Sad your program is being shrunk? Should be working to bring talent in.

  4. There’s probably value in having a thread to discuss the state of the university and staff.


A lot do. One of the guys in my engineering fraternity added a percussion minor because anyone who signs up gets a scholarship for 50% of tuition. In exchange he had to take a few extra classes and do a performance once a semester. Granted, not a full ride, but if software engineer who is physically capable of hitting a drum is your idea of top talent…

I think I need to tell my daughter about this percussion minor!

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Yeah, let’s get a faculty of all jock-sniffers, and we could hire Santa Ono to run the place when UM finally tires of his act. I’m sure that would increase Miami’s reputation.

Faculty and local elected officials don’t need to be jock-sniffers. But, if they don’t understand or appreciate the place of football and the importance of a conference championship game on an FBS campus then, respectfully, they are teaching at the wrong university and seeking office in the wrong town.


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